Long Journey Start With First Step

Long Journey Start With First Step

Monday, April 27, 2015

New Beginning

The new beginning for kembara Pak Din & Mak Wan have started. We have moved to Swan Hill, about 3 hrs drive from Rochester.

We safely arrived around 1:00pm yesterday. We stay at a unique little motel with full view of huge lake in front and surrounding by fields and farms in the backyard.

Mak Wan really likes the room. It is much bigger in size comparing to our cramp little caravan that we called home for the past 7 weeks.

It has attached bathroom, nice little kitchen with freezer, electric kettles and brand new electric stove for Mak Wan's cooking.

Mr Mark the owner as Pak Din observed is a very talkative and caring Australian guy who willing to go extra miles in meeting his customers need.

He is the sole owner of the motel complex and the only handyman who handle and manage the place. He looks tiring & stress sometime.

This morning after subuh prayer, Pak Din witnesses a majestic views of the surrounding area from our room which faces the lake across the street.

Thank you Allah for putting Pak Din & Mak Wan to experience all your creations in the land down under in this new phase of our lives.

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