Long Journey Start With First Step

Long Journey Start With First Step

Friday, February 20, 2015

Money Exchange

Licensed Money Changer

Today Pak Din & Mak Wan decided to buy OZ currency and shopped around for the best exchange rate. We bought A$1,250 at KL Remit Xchange at Aeon Anggun Rawang. The exchange rate is 2.87 so Pak Din have to pay RM3,587.50. 

Then at Tesco Rawang we inquire another licensed money changer, Giat Idaman Sdn Bhd with yet a better rate of 2.85 even though the digital display on the wall shows the exchange rate 'we buy' at 2.87. So Mak Wan paid RM712.50 to buy A$250. Come to a total of A$1,500 in Pak Din's pocket. 

It is our pocket money. Mak Wan shall bring A$700 and Pak Din A$800. In Pak Din's rough calculation, the money should be enough to cover our two nights stay at Melbourne and our first week expenses at Rochester. Hopefully with some left over.

Pak Din thinking out loud with some target tourist spots to be covered during our two and half days at Melbourne. We gonna ride on skybus from the airport to Southern Cross, buy nice halal A$8 kebab there before check-in into City Budget Hotel at Little Collins Street. We have a reservations for two night stay. Quite expensive for a budget hotel at A$94 per nite.

Most of the time we shall travel by Tram as our mode of transportation within the city because it is free of charge (FoC). We shall take Tram#96 to St Kilda Beach in the afternoon for the panoramic sea view. Then take a walk along Flinders Street should be a good idea and probably having our sweet time at Federation Square. Mak Wan wanna to have City view on top of Uerika Tower Skydeck in the evening.

On the next day, Pak Din's thinking of spending some time at Imigration Museum, Art Museum, and National Museum. Maybe we skip Queen Victoria Market for now as Pak Din don't want Mak Wan trapped in shopping spree just yet.

After checking out from the hotel around 11am the following day, we gonna grasp a quick lunch and head to the train station. Our train to Rochester at 12pm for the 3hrs trip. 

Upon arriving at Rochester station, a friend will pick us up. Maybe we will do some groceries and buying basic items such as pillow, blanket, working peripherals such as shoes and shirts.

Then we shall check-in into our caravan at Rochester Caravan Park. Welcome Pak Din and Mak Wan for a career at Australian Farm.


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