Long Journey Start With First Step

Long Journey Start With First Step

Monday, August 24, 2015

Remember Melbourne

Pak Din will always remember Melbourne as a nice, beautiful, safe, clean city.

Pak Din met Muhammad from Iraq, a stranger that can speak Malay. He used to work at UUM for 7 years and now choosing Melbourne to call his home. "I stay in Dockland."

"Let me know if you need any help at all anytime during your stay here," he said not once but each time in two more encounters after that.

Pak Din first met him at the entrance of a prayer room in Southern Cross. Then at Asean Food shop in front of Coles supermarket. He greeted Pak Din at State Library for our third encounter.

Pak Din will remember him as one of a kind guy we have met in OZ.

Watching people passing by at Bourke Street

Scenic view of Yarra River 

Tram #35 dedicated to tourism with its free 'city circle' tour

Melbourne captures unique structures all over

Friendly city build with humanity in mind

Bicycle Track is part of Melbourne infra

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