Long Journey Start With First Step

Long Journey Start With First Step

Friday, August 21, 2015

Another Visit to State Library

Pak Din pi State Library lagi ptg ni. Guna PC 1 jam. Internet laju boleh tahan. User friendly. Senang self serve booking, assign location and pc# available. 45 min per session, automatically extended for 15 min if not log-off.

So sempat la Pak Din siapkan beberapa posting blog kembaraoz ni. Malam ni took a stroll along Collins St. Weekend has started. Warga Melbourne berpesta.

Pak Din dan Mak Wan kena start re-packing all the luggage balik hotel ni. We need to check out 10am tomorrow. Then simpan those luggages in d hotel luggage room.

Ronda2 Melbourne for the final day (day#7). Then off to airport by SkyBus maybe around 8pm. Our flight to Klia2 at midnite. Bon Voyage Melbourne. Selamat tinggal OZ.

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