Long Journey Start With First Step

Long Journey Start With First Step

Friday, May 1, 2015

Motel View

Formerly known as Aquatic Lodge Motel and a fully licensed Glasshouse Restaurant operated by Joe & Dawn Sievers.

I got those info stated on the key chain of our room key. No wonder I cannot help but insist on the good potential of this motel. It used to have good stories, a great past at least.

Mr Mark, the current owner told Pak Din the other day he cannot fully developed the place as it faced various problem such as court orders and limited permit to operate issued by the local authorities.

Anyway I hope it shall raise to its through potential one day. Especially with it special view just in front of the great Lake Boga.

In the mean time Pak Din & Mak Wan just enjoy our stay at this motel in whichever way possible.

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